Protect Your Baby and Say Buzz Off Bug Bites

Have you seen the annoying bugs buzzing around you? Your babies get more irritated but cannot do anything about it. You need to take care of the babies in such situations. Bugs often bite and create infection on your little one’s skin. We all know prevention is better than cure. Here we will discuss a few ways to keep your baby safe from bugs and insects.

Newborn baby safety

There are many skin creams and lotions, which are promoted by brands for babies against bugs. However, we do not suggest that as the skin of a newborn is in the developing process. There are risks related to rashes and irritation. You have to be very careful while selecting such products. Bugs sprays for babies are also very common, which you may use.

Protect Your Baby and Say Buzz Off Bug Bites

Keep your baby inside the rooms after the evenings as mosquitoes have a habit of arriving during dawn and dusk. Lowering the risk of such bites is essential.  You can also let your babies wear loose clothes during the evening for comfort. Socks and hats are necessary. 

Bugs tend to attract a bright color. Therefore, make your babies wear light-colored clothes. Again, use the mesh nets on the strollers when you are taking your baby out for walking.

Skipping scents or perfumes are also lovely ideas. Try using the fragrance-free baby lotions and creams. These are not attractive for any insects.

Changing the water of your house is also a method to keep the mosquitoes and insects away. Usually, the eggs of the mosquitoes take birth in water deposition for a long time. If you have any pets at your home, kindly change their water too.

First aid kits should always be ready at your place. This helps you to do the initial treatment of your baby if, by any chance, any insects bite him.

Infant Care

There are several insect repellants you can opt for in the market once your child grows. However, we always suggest our readers check with a doctor before applying such lotions or sprays. The skin of your baby at this stage also remains sensitive.

Hence, there are chances of irritation or rashes. Before buying such products, do check the ingredients of the solutions too. Repellants are good for fighting against ticks or chiggers but do not work against stinging bugs like bee bites.

Check Before Applying Bug Repellants

You may invest in spray or creams etc. as an insect repellants. Few things you should keep in mind before using are:

  • Read the entire application process and direction given in the manual
  • Before applying on your baby’s skin, put it on your elbow and check if irritation persists.
  • Skip the eyes and mouth areas while applying the sprays or creams.
  • If your baby has a previous skin cut or rash affected area on the body, do not put the repellant on those places.
  • Always wash your own hands before putting any cream or lotion on your baby’s skin.
  • Using a sunscreen is a good idea. Make sure you do not combine insect repellants and sunscreen on the baby. It creates irritation and, at times, burning sensations.

Tips To Cure Bug/ Insect Bites For Your Baby

You can identify the bug bites often on your baby skin through itchiness or red rashes. Often allergies and infections grow from these small spots.

  • Use ice packs covered in cloths on the affected skin area for giving a cooling effect.
  • Lacto calamine or any medicinal lotion, which contains antiseptic properties, can be applied too.
  • Keep an eye on your baby’s movement. They should not scratch the affected spots.
  • For initial natural remedies, you can try mixing sandalwood paste with a bit of turmeric. This brings soothing effect and is an excellent antiseptic. Neem paste is also a quick option for relief in such conditions.

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