Launching April 2017

Here’s a radical concept:
every day should be an amazing hair day.

We’re talking share-worthy hair after each and every wash. That’s why we’ve created a hair care line full of quality products with noticeable benefits, for all hair types.

Discover the Evaus Secret

Our Philosophy

  • Incredible Hair
    For all

    We’ve handpicked select ingredients, like avocados, coconut oil and sea minerals to infuse each of our collections. So for everyone with straight hair, curly hair, and anything in between, there’s a formula for your hair’s unique needs.

  • Effortless hair
    every day

    We’re all for making feeling pretty, pretty easy with products that work and routines that don’t feel like work.

  • Flaunt what
    you’ve got

    Hair care should leave your hair feeling like a million bucks. We’re talking results that are so good, they’re worth sharing, every single time.

Now for the fun part.
Discover the perfect collection for your hair.

  • Evaus Strength Bottles Strong Hair

    The Collection For

    Infused with pure honey, this collection gives you 10x stronger hair in just one use (vs. non-conditioning shampoo). Best for hair that needs a little extra protecting.

  • Evaus Damage Repair Bottles Frizzy Hair

    The Collection For
    Damage Repair

    Infused with pure coconut oil, this collection visibly repairs two years of damage for luscious, healthy-looking hair. Great for those with damaged hair.

  • Evaus Smoothing Bottles Smooth Hair

    The Collection For

    Infused with avocado & olive oil, this collection leaves hair smooth for three days. Great for adding a healthy look to most hair types.

  • Evaus Volume Bottles Volume Hair

    The Collection For

    Infused with carefully selected sea minerals, this collection provides 24 hours of body and moisture. Almost all hair types can benefit from this volume-enhancing formula that doesn’t compromise on moisture.

  • Evaus Shine Bottles Shiny Hair

    The Collection For

    Infused with Moroccan argan oil, this collection will leave you with a noticeable silky shine. Dull hair benefits best from this line.